from your conference team




    We would like to welcome you all to the 2022 RBC hosted by UC San Diego! We are your Conference Co-chairs Franny and Eli. We are honored to host this amazing conference from our home, University of California, San Diego. UCSD is home to seven different colleges and eight housing areas (think the Hogwarts house). 

    We are so pleased to have the honor to provide a space for PACURH to connect and conduct business this year and we are so excited to see what your communications will yield for next year!

    We also wanted to encourage the different provinces of our beautiful region to bond with each other as a community. As such our three themes for this year are Connection, Community, and Communication. As you will soon see, these themes are heavily cherished by UCSD for their importance in forming a community of support. Each day will correspond with one of our themes; Friday is Connection, Saturday is Community, and Sunday is Communication. 

At our conference, you will be able to enjoy legislation, socials, guest speakers, panels, ceremonies, philanthropy projects, awards, ART sessions, and more! So be sure to join us as we lead, one link at a time!


See you soon!