hello and welcome!

Hello all! It is with great pleasure that we host the PACURH Regional Business Conference 2021 at the University of California, Irvine via Zoom! While we continue to try to preserve and survive in these unprecedented events and struggles, we hope to bring a little fun and escape during this conference.


UC Irvine, home of the Anteaters, is on 120,000 square feet of land belonging to the Acjachemen and Tongva Peoples; 16,000 square feet of the campus are dedicated to preserving Irvine’s ecosystem. With the main campus in the shape of a circle and a circumference of 1 mile, you will never get lost! In the center of campus is Aldrich Park, home to 11,000 trees and shrubs as well as the occasional squirrel. Located just five miles from the beach and nestled in between Los Angeles and San Diego, UC Irvine is all about it’s sunny beach days after class. Over 35,000 Anteaters call this space on this floating rock home. Students study at one of two libraries on campus or the dedicated study building - often visiting one of the four coffee shops on campus or treat themselves to some boba.


Our chosen theme of “Expand Your Horizon: Launch into Infinite Possibilities” hopes to inspire self-discovery and to make your mark on our world. Footprints on the moon last a life-time due to lack of erosion. In the same manner, we want you to come and make your mark on our campus and yours and have this be an experience that impacts you forever. The idea of stepping outside of your comfort zone and breaking boundaries is a characteristic of traveling into space to new discoveries that won’t affect just you but possibility the entire world! Once we step out of our safe zone and see what we’re capable of, we realize how many opportunities are out there.


Socially distanced regards and froggie love,

the conference staff