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Conference Spirit Challenges


Froggie Friday

State/share a post or story dedicating your appreciation to our region's mascot.


Show us your conference set up (ex.desk area) and describe it in 7 words or less

Challenges will be posted at 3:00PM and submissions will close at 7:30PM.


Operation Save Planet Earth

Show us one sustainable act that you did today

As Bright as the Sun

Show us one person who brightens up your day

Comedy Comet

Share your favorite meme

Challenges will be posted at 8:00AM and submissions will close at 7:30PM.


Out of this World

Share something unique about your institution

Moon Landing 

Reflect on your experience this past weekend and share your favorite memory

Challenges will be posted at 9:00AM and submissions will close at 12:00PM.

All challenges will be posted on instagram





Instagram Photo Challenge


Instagram Interactive Story Challenge 


Instagram Photo Challenge


Instagram Interactive Story Challenge

Pre-confernce leader will Be Announced Thursday Evening


  • @pacurhrbc21 must be tagged. This is how we will know you have participated.

  • One post per day per person. All individuals from the institution can participate to increase their points but may only submit 1 photo each per challenge/engage in 1 challenge a day.

  • Participants may not use the same photos for other spirit challenges.




Spirit Leaders

Opportunities to be Spirit Leaders

  • Daily Spirit Leaders: earn the most daily spirit points

  • Pre-Conference Spirit Leaders: earn the most pre-conference spirit points

  • Conference Spirit Leaders: overall earn the most conference spirit points

Winners will receive a customized background, a shout out and bragging rights!

Point Rubric

Submission through Instagram Stories

  • 3 points for challenge completion (Bingo, etc)

  • 3 points for spirit themed photo submission

  • 5 points for best photo of the day (outstanding/creative)

Conference Challenges Points

  • Keep an eye out for these! We will be posting a list of spirit challenges for you to engage with throughout the conference!

Philanthropy Point Opportunities

  • Monetary Ways to Participate in Philanthropy

    • 2 points for donations ranging from $0-$50

    • 4 points for donations above $50

    • 2 points for each philanthropy pin purchase

Non-Monetary Ways to Participate in Philanthropy

  • 2 points for following @sacredplacesinstitute on Instagram-DM @pacurhrbc21 a screenshot for it to count

  • 2 points by sharing SPI's profile on Instagram by either screenshotting the profile or adding their first post to your story, remember to tag us @pacurhrbc21

  • 4 points for sharing on your story one of their calls to action and pledge to support calls to action, you must tag @pacurhrbc21

  • 2 points for engaging with Padlet, use your institution's name as the title of your post to get full points, you must engage in all prompts except the last one (optional)

Any philanthropy engagement completed by Sunday, Feb 21st at noon, will count towards points. 

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