UC San Diego

The University of California, San Diego was established in 1960 and is recognized as one of the top 15 research universities worldwide, our culture of collaboration sparks discoveries that advance society and drive economic impact. UC San Diego is ranked #6 in the nation's top public school according to US News and World Report's 2022 Best Goal Universities. UCSD is home to over 39,000 tritons!

With over 300 sunny days and an average temperature of 77 °F (25 °C) year round, UC San Diego climate encourages students to go outside and enjoy nature. Our students enjoy visiting the beautiful beaches that are just minutes away from the main campus, surfing, the Torrey Pines hiking trails, and the Birch Aquarium. 


our colleges

Revelle: “Purpose, Truth, Vision”


Revelle was the first college at UC San Diego, named after Rodger Revelle, who advocated for the UC San Diego campus to be established. Become a well-rounded scholar and leader by stimulating your imagination and quenching your thirst for knowledge at Revelle, the first of UC San Diego’s colleges. Fuel your curiosity by taking a rigorous set of courses from a variety of academic disciplines inside and outside your major. With hands-on learning experiences and study abroad opportunities, Revelle College's academic curriculum allows you to excel in any field of study. This is why so many Revelle students pursue double majors, engage in research, and graduate with university honors.

Muir: “Celebrating the Independent Spirit”


Established in 1967, Muir college was named after the 19th-century naturalist, writer and founder of the Sierra Club, John Muir. This College celebrates self-reliance, calculated risk-taking and the joys of finding your own direction and has a culture rooted in awareness and activism for our environment. Muir lets you retain a hands-on role in directing your academics. Whatever your chosen major, you’ll be free to select meaningful courses that support your area of study and allow you to flex your creative muscles. The adaptable nature of coursework enables many students to pursue double majors and/or minors and still graduate in four years.

Marshall : “The student as Scholar and Citizen”


Marshall college is named after the first African American Supreme Court Justice. They aim to help students understand diversity and community. Strong communities are composed of tenacious individuals. At Marshall College, we believe that you have the power and the obligation to make the world a better place. Bring your skills to the table and become a more effective and empowered citizen. Pursue your chosen major with a solid arts, humanities and sciences foundation that highlights the evolution of American society. You’ll discover how asymmetries of power related to gender, racial, class and ethnic hierarchies have shaped the nation in which we live. You’ll use this breadth of knowledge to augment the rest of your studies.

Warren: “Toward a Life in Balance”


Named after Chief Justice Earl Warren, Warren college is home to a majority of UC San Diego's engineering students. Stand up for what you believe and build a better society by becoming a balanced thinker who boldly examines all sides of an issue. No matter what your major, Earl Warren College will help you develop as an ethical citizen who impacts our global society through an undergraduate experience balanced between academics, co-curricular activities, and social experiences. With a core focus on fundamentals like writing, ethics, and logic, you’ll be challenged to polish your critical thinking and problem-solving skills and apply this knowledge to your major. The curriculum at Earl Warren College is designed to help you reach your greatest potential and expose you to additional knowledge and learning beyond your major as you become a more balanced scholar.

ERC: “Developing World Citizens Through Scholarship, Leadership, and Service”


Elanor Roosevelt College's focus is on international understanding and engagement. Guided and inspired by Eleanor Roosevelt's commitment to public service, you’ll not only learn more about world cultures and regions, you’ll get the opportunity to impact them firsthand. Roosevelt’s core curriculum, Making of the Modern World, encourages you to develop a deeper understanding of your own history and heritage and how it fits into humanity’s greater cultural context. Gain expertise in your chosen major along with a strong sense of commitment to your role as a global citizen - poised to make your mark on the world.

Sixth - “Innovative, Interconnected, and Aware"


Sixth college wants their students to engage creatively and ethically with the complex issues currently facing the world. Do you have a big idea that you’re bursting to share with the world? Sixth College will help you fine-tune your message and develop the most creative and effective method of expressing it. Your education at Sixth is centered on examining the intersection of arts, technology, self-awareness and action. Shape the trajectory of your education by getting involved in experiential learning opportunities that challenge you to put what you learn into practice. You’ll build on your solid foundation of culture, art and technology as you begin to bring your insights to real-life projects that impact the community.

Seventh - “A Changing Planet”


Seventh College empowers students with the knowledge and skills needed to confront challenges posed by a changing planet. Seventh College’s theme, "A Changing Planet," encompasses a broad range of pressing global issues including the climate crisis, mass migration and rapid cultural and technological change. At Seventh College, we empower students with the knowledge and skills to confront these challenges. Seventh College encourages students to approach large-scale, global issues from an interdisciplinary perspective and to enhance their academic and real-world skills through research, internships and study abroad.