Opening Ceremony Updates

Inclusive language

  • One of the values and practices here at UCSD and within the UCSD reslife, we highly encourage the use of inclusive language. We would like to extend that to this space and ask that people be aware of the language they are using. Try replacing the phrase “you guys” with “you all” or “everyone”! 



  • Let's talk spirit for the conference! As many have seen, we have been conducting our spirit challenges on instagram. We have decided to “sort” you all into one of our seven colleges. The purpose is to join other institutions in order to win the spirit competition as a college. This way encourages institutions to collaborate and work together towards a common goal! I would like to take a moment to shout out each college: Revelle, Muir, Marshall, Warren, ERC, Sixth, and Seventh! Thank you to everyone that has been participating so far and good luck to each team moving forward. 

  • Tonight's socials will be college socials, where you can get with other instructions in your college! Get to know each other, make a spirit game plan for the weekend, the options are unlimited. 

Zoom Codes

  • We have separated our zoom codes based on the spaces you are in. Anything related to the conference outside of boardroom will be hosted on one zoom link to avoid any confusion. Therefore opening, banquet, closing, and socials will all be on this zoom code! 

  • Joint & NCC boardroom spaces will have one zoom link, as well as unique links for NRHH and President’s boardroom. This can all be found on the website under the schedule tab. 


Updates to schedules

  • Updates to the schedule will be made live. The schedule on the website will be the most up to date source throughout the conference. However, please be sure to refresh the page to make sure you are seeing the most up to date schedule. 



  • The conference team has set aside time in the morning to get off of zoom and participate in our service project on Saturday morning! The project is a regional wide effort to get outside and pick up some trash in the areas that surround you. Please download the Litterati App and join the challenge for your geographical location in order to participate AND get spirit points. Our goal is for each delegate to pick up 25 pieces of trash throughout the weekend! Challenge codes can be found on instagram and the website!


Campus tour on instagram

  • Last but not least we are so excited to announce that we will be doing a campus tour Saturday from 2-3 PM. The co-chairs and some conference team members will be getting on a golf cart and taking you all on a tour around the UCSD campus. If you can't physically be here, there's no reason you still can't get a tour. Please join us via Instagram LIVE or Zoom.